Aeronautical Radio Material

The Swiss Air force troops and in later years the airborne / antiaircraft units has always different communications and frequency band assignment needs, the other parts of the Swiss army.

Informations about the radio equipment used in the Swiss Air force are sparse and the equipment, which was indeed designed to be installed in the aiscraft bays, needed special supply voltages and often could not be operated „stand-alone“, so they not frequently appear on the used equipment market.

Initially, the airborne radio stations were referred to as FG XX, according to the new nomenclature introduced in 1951, aircraft stations were given designations SE-0xx , followed by a two-digit number. For some early devices, which neger got an SE-00x designation assigned and which were liquidated before 1951, I have enclosed a virtual SE-0xx designation in parentheses.

Some improvised Aeronautical ground stations were assembled from material also used onboard aircraft. These often got the designation of the aircraft station, followed by a suffix. SE-0xx/f stands for a fixed installation in an airport or an airfield and SE-0xx/t for a transportable improvised Aeronautical Ground Station.

Here, I refer largely to information from the Dübendorf aviation museum, which has an excellent collection of historic Swiss Air Force equipment, including the on-board and ground radio systems. Another source is the excellent monograph from the series about the history of the Swiss Air Force, which can be found on the website

Equipment List Aeronautical Stations

Equipment List Aeronautical Ground stations

For the communication between airports and airfields and the aircraft, some proper aeronautical ground stations equipment was purchased. In other cases, makeshift aeronautical ground stations were improvised from aircraft radio equipment.

Additional information

  • Website of the Dübendorf aviation museum
  • Website of „Clin d'Ailes“, Swiss Air Force Museum, Payerne
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