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 +===== Power Supply Unit =====
 +Power supply units are used to power radio sets and similar equipment from a different power source then batteries. The older hollow state sets (wit hvalve technology) usually need a heaters voltage (to heat the filaments of the valves) and a plate voltage ​ (which is applied to the anodes of the valves).
 +The power supply units provide the necessary voltages.
 +The can be powered from vehicle or aircraft batteries (usually a vibrator or rotary converter is used to generate alternating current which can be transformed to the necessary high tension) or they can be operated on the mains ("​mains power supply"​). In Switzerland,​ the 220 V AC mains is common, in contrast to the 110 V AC in the U.S., in earlier years, there were several other mains voltages used in Switzerland that's why older sets usually have a voltage selector with many different positions. DC mains was never popular in Switzerland,​ that's why AC/DC sets are really uncommon.
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