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 +===== Rohde & Schwarz, Munich =====
 +{{ :​logos:​rohde-schwarz-logo.jpg?​direct&​80|Rohde & Schwarz Logo}} The "​Physikalisch-technisches Entwicklungslabor Dr. Rohde & Dr. med. Schwarz"​ was founded by Lothar Rohde and Hermann Schwarz, who studied at the University of Jena.
 +After the war years, when mainly physical measuring instruments were manufactured,​ the production range was extended to the entire field of high-frequency technology and Rohde & Schwarz became a very renowned manufacturer of receivers covering shortwaves up to ultra-high frequency, monitoring and direction finding systems and more equipment used in seafaring and avionics.
 +==== Additional Information ====
 +  * [[https://​​dsp_hersteller_detail.cfm?​company_id=568|Firmengeschichte Rohde & Schwarz auf der Website von]]
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