Historic Radiocommunication sets of the Swiss Army

On this webreference in wiki style, you will find informations on radiocommunications equipment used by the Swiss army. It is complementary to my older website, this will remain online but newer information is only added to

I put an emphasis on technical aspects, a reference of specifications of the equipment and short operation instructions for some of the equipment that can be used legally by amateur radio operators.

In Switzerland, it is permitted to use reception equipment as long as you hold a valid radio reception permit - transmitting signals from a transmitter is allowed only to licensed radio amateurs who have to stay to strict rules as frequency use and radio communications protocols are concerned. So I give You the strict advice not to simply hook up an antenna, connect to mains and press the „Send“ button just in case you come across an old army transceiver somewhere at a radio fair.


In the early period of wireless communications, Swiss Army relied predominantly on German equipment, mostly produced under contracts by Swiss companies. From 1938, Swiss companies such as Autophon AG (Solothurn), Standard Telephone and Radio AG (Zurich) or Zellweger AG (Uster) started to develop radio receivers and transmitters on their own. Switzerland needed a production independent from German supply, which was a very difficult task during wartime. As there was an enormous shortage of radio tubes and components imported from Germany, from England or the United States, even a small radio tube production had to be set up in Switzerland in the days of WWII. The situation improved in the fifties and sixties, when semiconductor technique was available. Then, Swiss companies developed some technical and electronic marvels of wireless sets, which are nowadays mainly replaced by electronic communications equipment made by a few international manufacturers.

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