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 +====== Telefunken Zürich AG, Albisrieden ======
 +The **Telefunken Zürich AG**, **Albiswerk Zürich AG** or **Siemens Albis** is a successor of the Swiss Telefunken branch and produced equipment for telephony and wireless communication in Zurich area.
 +===== Company history =====
 +{{ :​logos:​albiswerk-logo.jpg?​direct&​150|}}The Protos Telephonwerke AG, were founded in 1913 in Glarus, after financial troubles, the company has been taken over by Siemens & Halske, Berlin in 1922 and renamed **Telephonwerke Albisrieden** in 1924, the company produced not only telephones and telephone exchanges but also military wireless communication equipment.
 +In 1932, Siemens and AEG founded a branch of the Telefunken GmbH in Zurich.\\ ​
 +Telefunken had been founded in 1903 from Siemens & Halske and AEG in a partnership project under the name of "​Gesellschaft für drahtlose Telegraphie GmbH, System Telefunken";​ Telefunken developed equipment for maritime, military and commercial (shortwave) long distance communication.
 +After Albisrieden was integrated in the city of Zurich, the Company got it's new name **Albiswerk Zürich AG** and produced telephone equipment and home radios. Because Telefunken (Berlin) did produce equipment for the German Wehrmacht, the "​Telefonwerke"​ were put on a black list. The reaction of the Germans was to boykott their Swiss branch. In 1941, the company completely split off from the Telefunken conglomerate,​ sets produced later carried the label "​Albis"​ and Siemens as a reference to the company who did the marketing and sales.\\ ​
 +In the meantime, because of racist legislation in Germany, Telefunken became solely owned by AEG.
 +In aorund 1945, **AWZ** did produce a few types of key valves in their own premises and started production with the brand "​Siemens - Albis" again; in 1953, the production of home radio receivers stopped. The production of a VHF - FM adaptor and the efforts to develop a television receiver on their own (AlDePa) were without financial success.\\ ​
 +In 1955, the still existing Telefunken Zürich AG has been integrated in **Albiswerke Zürich (AWZ)**.
 +After this, telephone equipment, personal paging systems, RF wired broadcast sets and military communications equipment was produced at the Albiswerk.\\ ​
 +Nowadays, the company is still active as **Siemens Schweiz AG**.
 +==== Additional information ====
 +  * [[http://​​dsp_hersteller_detail.cfm?​company_id=108|Albiswerk Zürich / Telefunken Albis]] at
 +  * Siemens Albis company history at [[http://​]]
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