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 +===== UHF =====
 +**Ultra High Frequency** is the designation of the range between 300 MHz (i.e. higher then the [[VHF]] band) up to 3000 MHz, in German language area, this frequency range is also referred to as **dezimeter waves**.
 +==== Broadcasting ====
 +Broadcasting stations were never active in the UHF frequency range. Some former UHF television channels are still used today for DAB broadcasts, but not in Switzerland.
 +==== Military communication ====
 +From the middle of the sixties, the military air radio communication was moved to the 225 - 400 MHz frequency range.
 +==== Public Authorities ====
 +==== Amateur Radio ====
 +The 430-440 MHz range is assigned to amateur radio as **70 cm band** for primary use and 1240-1300 MHz as **23 cm band** to amateur radio for secondary use.
 +==== UHF - Television ====
 +In the upper UHF range, the television channels of UHF analog television were located. The frequency range between 471 and 863 MHz was allocated to UHF television channels 21 to 70 according to the CCIR standard; the channel spacing is 8 MHz, the sound carrier usually 5.5 MHz above the video carrier.
 +In 2007, analogue terrestric television was closed down in Switzerland;​ DVB-T digital terrestric television was introduced in all linguage regions. According to a report by the Federal Office of Communications,​ at the end of 2010 99% of the population was covered with DVB-T signals and 1.5 million DVB-T compatible receivers were in use. At the beginning of June 2019, this technology is now at the end of its lifespan in Switzerland and will be closed down, the corresponding DVB-T receivers will from that day on transformed into electronic junk. The successor technology DVB-T2 has never been implemented in Switzerland.
 +==== Air radio traffic ====
 +From the middle of the sixties, the military air radio was shifted to the range 225 - 400 MHz . 
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