Direction Finding

Direction findung systems were used in the Swiss Army for various purposes. On one hand in the signal intelligence (SIGINT), on the other hand for aircraft location and assistance during the landing approach by the Air Force.

In the first years, the direction finding equipment was given simple abbreviations, usually two letters, so LP stands for the Langwellen Peiler (Longwave DF). According to the new naming scheme, which was introduced in 1951, direction finding systems got designations P-7xx, followed by a two-digit number.

The information about the direction finding systems and the background of their military use are sparse. I am always thankful for additional information, technical documents and operating instructions,photographs of DF installations and would even have some space for one or another direction finding receiver in my collection

Direction Finding Equipment List

P-700 (LP) P-710 (PV-1-B) P-720 (PE-484) P-730 (R & S NP 5)
P-701 (KP) P-711 P-721 (PST-476)
P-702 (BP) P-712 (NP-4S) P-722 (R & S NP 4) P-732 (SFP 5000)
P-703 (WP) P-713 (NP-3) P-723 (PST-638) P-733 (SFP 5200)
P-704 (HS) P-714 (AD 200)
P-705 (GTC) P-715 P-725 (1)
P-706 (AGM) P-716 (SCR-269 Radio Compass) P-725 (2) P-736 (R & S PA-025)
P-707 (BB) P-717 (AN / ARC-21A) ULPE (PA004)
P-708 (LP Tfk) P-718 (AN / ARN-7 Radio Compass) P-728 (PA003)
P-709 (SCR-634A) P-719 (AGA Talk-Turnbake) P-729 (SFP 218.44)

Additional Information

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